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5 Reasons You Should Charter an Oyster Yacht

Your first charter is an experience you’ll never forget.

Regardless of whether you’ve been sailing before, regardless of anything you’ve ever done at sea before, your first Oyster yacht charter is comparable to nothing. Forget everything you know, forget everything you think you know and behold the ultimate voyage.

In case you need some guidance, here are 5 reasons you should charter an Oyster.

  1. It’s cheaper than buying one

Starting with the most obvious reason, chartering an Oyster is dramatically cheaper than owning one. Like drinking champagne all night without getting a hangover, all the glory without the annual maintenance bill, chartering an Oyster leaves you feeling footloose and fancy free.

  1. There is no greater sailing yacht in the world

Relax in the owner’s cabin safe in the knowledge that there is no great sailing experience than an Oyster. Prestige and elegance is what people see as you glide through the aquamarine waters in your charter destination of choice.

  1. Space

Built for comfort and speed, Oyster yachts are world-renowned for having more volume per metre than any other sailing yacht in the world. Enough said.

  1. Passion

The difference between a motor yacht crew and a sailing yacht crew lies within the heart. Its passion, its love, its soul and it makes ALL the difference to your experience. Naturally more knowledgeable, arguably and indisputably more passionate, a sailing yacht’s crew are in league of their own.

  1. The Oyster family

To sail an Oyster is to experience something utterly breath taking. Identifiable by their distinctive shape, once you become part of the family, witness the camaraderie and feel the respect, you’ll never want to leave.

The good news? Bare Necessities is available for charter and considered the most iconic Oyster 82 in existence.